Best possible tracking for your digital ads with a simple installation

Start using Server-Side Tracking, First-Party Cookies and Conversion APIs of multiple ad platforms in a matter of minutes. Long gone are the days when all this required a massive IT project!

Bad news: Traditional tracking pixels are losing their grip

Majority of browsers are blocking third-party cookies by the end of 2024. All marketers need to look for alternatives to be able to track and optimize their digital advertising also going forward.

Good news: It can be fixed with a proper tracking setup

Tackling the weakening effect of third-party cookies has usually meant a lengthy and costly project of setting up serer-side tracking as a custom solution.

... And that proper tracking setup doesn't have to be difficult to set up!

Tracklution enables you to use first-party cookies, server-side tracking and Conversion APIs of multiple ad platforms - with a simple 5-minute installation to your website.

Don't Waste Your Ad Budgets

Better Tracking For Better Results

Server-Side Tracking with a Simple Pixel Setup

With Tracklution, you can start using 1st-Party Cookies, Server-Side Tracking and API connections to multiple Ad Platforms in your website with a simple tracking pixel setup that every digital marketer is familiar with.

Free 30-day Trial. No Credit Card required.
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Level Up Your Tracking Game

Better tracking for better results and higher revenue.
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Save up to 20% with a yearly subscription!

Choose 1 Connection
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Online Onboarding
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10 000 Events
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Save up to 20% with a yearly subscription!

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Save up to 20% with a yearly subscription!

All Connections
10 Websites
Unlimited Users
Micro Conversions
Onboarding Manager
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10 Million Events
0.10€ / 1000 extra Events OR
399€ / 10M extra Events
Free 30-day Trial. No Credit Card required.
Additional Features

Extra User

23 € /mo

Extra Connector

79 € /mo

Extra Tracking Container (Website)

99 € /mo

What Our Customers Say

We started using Tracklution, as building our own server-side tracking would have required lots of resources. After switching from basic pixel tracking to Tracklution's server-side tracking, we increased our conversion reporting accuracy by over 35%. This means more and higher quality data attributed to our campaigns. I also love how quick and easy it is to set up new traffic channels under Tracklution.

Heiman Safeen
Growth Officer

3 Simple Steps to Install Tracklution on any Website

1. step

Enable 1st-Party Cookies

Do a simple CNAME addition in the domain's DNS settings to enable tracking with 1st-party cookies. This step is optional, yet highly recommended.

2. step

Install Tracking Pixels

Install Tracklution pixels just as you would install any tracking pixel. You can also deliver conversions to Tracklution via webhook. We parse and hash the data and deliver it to Ad Platforms.

3. step

Connect Ad Platforms

In Tracklution Dashboard you can easily connect all the needed Ad Platforms. Voilà, you're all done and tracking data starts flowing via server to ad platforms!

Frequently Asked Questions

We support the most popular marketing platforms, such as Google Ads, Meta / Facebook and Instagram Ads, and TikTok Ads. We are working all the time on adding more integrations, and as a Tracklution user, you are the first one to gain access to the newest platform additions.

Thanks to our developer wizards the setup is quick and easy – it literally only takes 5 minutes. 🧙You don’t need to write a single line of code or bother your developer team. If you have access to your Ad Accounts, such as Meta Ads and Google Ads, you’re good to go. We offer detailed instructions and fast support if you need any help.

Tracklution pixels can be installed just as simply as any other pixel, by inserting pixels into your website, utilising tools like Google Tag Manager. But instead of 3rd party cookies, Tracklution collects 1st party data, and thus is not being blocked by ad blockers and browsers that usually natively block 3rd party cookies. Many Tracklution users have seen conversion reporting towards ad channels increase from 40-70% coverage to 100% coverage.

With Tracklution, you only install pixels once to your website, after which it is seamlessly connected and collects data to all your Ad Accounts connected to Tracklution. With Tracklution you benefit from 1st-party cookies and Conversion APIs without writing a single line of code.

Based on the data we have received from Tracklution users, Tracklution and its server-side tracking has improved tracking with 19 – 38% compared to basic pixel-only, 3rd-party cookie (client-based) tracking. Tracklution will minimise the effect of ad blockers and cookie-blocking browsers, as those work on client-side, not server-side.

Also those customers who already had a custom-built server-side tracking before starting using Tracklution, see benefit in improved conversion attribution, as well as the quickness and easiness of setting up new ad channels via Tracklution. No more fighting over developer resources to get proper tracking on your new Ad Ventures! 🤩

Yes, Tracklution automatically uploads offline conversions to the connected ad platforms via their Conversion APIs using the collected 1st-party data. You can deliver offline conversions from other systems by using webhook.

Yes, hit us with an email to and we’ll be happy to help you get started!

Yes. All of our data and servers are located within the EU, specifically in Stockholm. The product is designed and built in the EU.

The simplest way to get started is to create your Tracklution account here.

We have an onboarding guide that will take you through the setup process. You don’t need any technical knowledge or developer team, as long as you have access to your ad accounts, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and TikTok Ads. You can also reach out to our team of experts in case you need any help.

Start using Tracklution today!


Ad Tracking Setup - 3 Options

You have 3 options when setting up ads tracking on your webpage.

Option 1: Easy and Ineffective

This option worked before 2021 because ad platforms like Facebook and Google could collect all data they wanted from the browser. That is not the case anymore, so pixel-only setup is ineffective.

Option 2: Difficult and Effective

For effective tracking setup you need to deliver all tracking data to ad platforms also via their Conversion APIs. This is the most important but also the difficult, time-consuming part.

Option 3: Easy and Effective

Use Tracklution and we take care of the difficult, time-consuming part. You can use a simple pixel-only setup and still get all the benefits of having server-side tracking too. Install Tracklution once and it solves tracking for multiple ad platforms at once.

Free 30-day Trial. No Credit Card required.

Server-Side Tracking, First-Party Cookies and Conversion APIs for any website with easy installation. Simple yet powerful tracking tool for digital advertising.

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