Product Update 03/24: Spotlight on Tracklution's Webhook

During the past month, our team has been hard at work expanding the webhook's functionality, ensuring it caters to a broader array of use cases. Thus, it became quite clear: This product update must center around the webhook and its various use cases!

Christine M.
28/03/2024 5:30 PM

Welcome to our latest product update! This month, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on Tracklution's webhook and its growing capabilities, which have captured our community's attention due to their potential to significantly enhance web session data. During the past month, our team has been hard at work expanding the webhook's functionality, ensuring it caters to a broader array of use cases. Thus, it became quite clear: This product update must center around the webhook and its various use cases!

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Webhook, what the heck?

Tracklution's webhook provides a seamless and efficient way to complement web session data with additional information and events from various external systems, including but not limited to CRM, booking systems, billing systems, ERP, and calling systems.

Webhook enables advertisers to effortlessly bring additional tracking data to Tracklution, such as offline conversions and enrichment of existing web conversions. Whether it's obtaining insights from sources that may not be directly linked to the website or safeguarding sensitive information, Tracklution's webhook offers a user-friendly and powerful solution for optimising data flow.

Use cases for webhook

The webhook can be used in many ways, and we've shared some common examples. If you're using it differently or have new ideas, we'd love to hear about them!

Recording Missing Events:

With webhook, users can capture events that were not recorded through web tracking, ensuring no data is lost, while also ensuring no data is recorded twice by deduplicating those events that already were collected from the web.

Record Offline Events:

Webhook offers a seamless integration for bringing in signals from offline interactions, such as in-person visits, calls, and customer service engagements, offering a more comprehensive view of customer activities. These activities can naturally be combined with web sessions, if such matchable web session data is available.

Profit Tracking:

By importing profit data directly from backend systems with webhook, companies can safeguard their sensitive profit margin information, as this data is transferred securely with server-to-server connection, instead of exposing it to your website users via client-side tracking. It also provides more accurate profit tracking, when accurate profit data can be brought in from the backend system, instead of estimations that are often used when tracking profit in client-side (e.g. high-mid-low profit margin product classifications).

Enriching Existing Data:

In some cases there might be technical limitations to what can be collected from the website during the session with tracking pixels. In these cases, webhook might save the day (and plenty of work hours), when the additional data that cannot be recorded client-side can be enriched to the session with webhook.

Safeguarding Sensitive Information:

The webhook ensures sensitive data is processed securely with server-to-server connection, without being exposed on the client-side, where any tech-savvy user could access it.

Technical information of the implementation

Implementing Tracklution's webhook is straightforward. A webhook endpoint is automatically created for each tracking container, supporting both GET and POST requests.

Webhook’s capabilities are improving continuously, and on top of the standard Tracklution format, it’s smart enough to automatically read webhook payloads from Shopify, Woocommerce, Typeform, and Tally in their native formats. Support to different platforms will be added as needs emerge from our clients, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Webhook features session-level data matching for adding information at the session level, and event-level data matching for making conversion adjustments for single events and recording potentially missing conversions. For deduplication, webhook utilises event IDs to eliminate duplicates recorded from both, the pixel and the webhook.

More detailed information regarding the installation as well as the unique endpoint for your Tracking Container is provided in Tracklution’s onboarding flow and in our general documentation.

Other recent updates

In addition to the webhook enhancements, we've made several minor updates, such as:

  • Patches to our newest connector, GA4, for even better and more accurate analytics
  • LinkedIn Conversions API proceeded to internal test use – soon it will be rolled out to all Tracklution users!
  • Patches to searches in Tracklution Dashboard: More flexible search and better filtering capabilities
  • Improvements to eCommerce tracking to GA4, Tiktok and Meta connectors
  • Improved documentation based on our clients’ most asked questions
  • Clearer onboarding experience with more detailed installation instructions and easy ways to share instructions with colleagues

That's it for today!

By leveraging Tracklution's webhook, companies can now enjoy a more nuanced and comprehensive approach to tracking and analysis, ensuring that every customer interaction contributes to the larger picture of their marketing (and sales) strategies.

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