Product Update 09/23: Google Ads API with Offline Conversions Import and Enhanced Conversions

Discover Tracklution's Google Ads API integration for offline conversions and enhanced conversion tracking. Elevate your advertising campaigns with server-side uploads and profit-based bidding.

Michael B.
23/09/2023 9:48 AM

We're thrilled to announce that Tracklution is now fully integrated with the Google Ads API, offering a groundbreaking advancement in how our users track and optimize their advertising campaigns in Google Ads now and in the future. On top of tracking web events, this new feature enables server-side upload of offline conversions directly into your Google Ads campaigns, opening up a realm of possibilities for tracking events that occur beyond the scope of traditional web-based tracking methods – in the simple Tracklution way, of course!

Table of Contents:

  1. Why This Matters
  2. How to Enable Google Ads API via Tracklution
  3. Enhanced Conversions Extending Click-based Conversion Tracking
  4. AB Testing Tracklution Google Ads Connector

Why This Matters

With the Google Ads API integration, Tracklution users can now capture a wider range of conversion events, including upsells and sales that occur off the website or later in the sales process, such as validated leads. This capability allows for a more comprehensive view of customer interactions and the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to enrich your data with server-side information, like profit margin data, enabling profit-based bidding strategies rather than relying solely on revenue data.

How to Enable Google Ads API via Tracklution

To leverage this powerful new feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure you have a Tracklution account and have installed our first-party tracking pixels.
  2. Go to "Connectors" and press "Edit" for Google Ads.

  1. Connect your account by adding your Google Ads account ID and granting permission. This step is crucial as it allows Tracklution to create Conversion Action lists and upload conversions to it.

  1. Once access is granted, you can create a new conversion list in the Tracklution UI for the conversion actions you wish to track on Google's end. Please note that it may take up to 6 hours for Google to prepare the list for receiving conversions. Tracklution will automatically start sending conversions as soon as the list is ready.


Enhanced Conversions Extending Click-based Conversion Tracking

To make the most out of your Google Ads campaigns, ensure Tracklution's ContactInfo tag is correctly implemented in your site. This enables capturing first-party data in your website and attributing view-through and engagement-based conversions to your Google Ads campaigns, enabling Google to attribute on view and engagement-based actions even when a click ID is not available. A separate Conversion Action list is created for this purpose, acting as a supplementary list for click-based conversions.


AB Testing Tracklution Google Ads Connector

To ensure the Tracklution Google Ads Connector performs as well as or better than your legacy setup, we recommend running Tracklution-created Conversion Action lists in parallel as a "Secondary" target for about two weeks. This allows you to compare performance directly.

When satisfied, simply switch the conversion action list created by Tracklution to "Primary" and relegate the legacy setup to "Secondary" (and eventually remove it).

If results are not as expected, our troubleshooting documentation is always available for guidance: Troubleshooting Google Ads Connector



This integration marks a significant milestone for Tracklution and our users, enhancing the ability to track and optimize advertising campaigns with unprecedented accuracy and depth. We're excited to see our users leveraging these new capabilities to drive improved results across their Google Ads campaigns.

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Hope you are as excited about this milestone as we are. Happy tracking folks!

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