Product Update for May 2024: Shopify, WordPress and WooCommerce Integrations

Better Tracking Made EVEN SIMPLER Now!

Richard J.
29/05/2024 4:52 PM

You struggled, we listened! As dedicated champions of simplifying better tracking, we have heard your feedback: We need to improve our support in helping YOU set up server-side tracking in just minutes. That’s why we’re introducing a whole new set of integrations on the data source side. Say goodbye to copy-pasting pixels and welcome true few-click installations for the most popular eCommerce and Content Management Platforms!

Table of Contents

  1. Shopify App: Simplified and Enhanced
  2. WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin: Easy and Comprehensive
  3. Turnkey Solution for Your Tracking Needs
  4. Join Our Test Crew

We are thrilled to announce that Tracklution is entering the test phase for our new data source integrations: the Shopify App and the WordPress & WooCommerce plugin. These new tools are designed to streamline the installation process and enhance your tracking capabilities with just a few clicks.

New In: Simplified Few-Click Installation for Shopify, WooCommerce and Wordpress

Shopify App: Simplified and Enhanced

Our new Shopify app will make the integration between Shopify and Tracklution a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly install Tracklution and start enjoying its powerful tracking features. This app also addresses common tracking issues that companies may face after transitioning to Shopify's new Checkout Extensibility, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

(In other words, if you experience tracking issues after upgrading to Shopify's new Checkout Extensibility, this is your sign to install Tracklution and get rid of your tracking worries all at once and without extra hassle!)

WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin: Easy and Comprehensive

We are also excited to introduce WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. This integration will make connecting WordPress and WooCommerce with Tracklution incredibly simple. Forget about separate code-injecting plugins or Google Tag Manager (GTM). With our plugin, you can install Tracklution directly to your WordPress site and manage everything in one place using a user-friendly interface equipped with helpful instructions. It simply works!

Turnkey Solution for Comprehensive Tracking 😎

With these integrations, Tracklution offers a turnkey solution to ensure the best possible and comprehensive tracking for your site or eCommerce store. You will be able to set up both, pixels and webhooks, with superb ease, enabling even better and more efficient results for your paid ads. This means more accurate data, improved targeting, and ultimately, better ROI for your advertising efforts.

Join Our Test Crew 🙋

Both the Shopify App and the WordPress & WooCommerce Plugin are currently in use with selected clients during our testing phase. We still have room for a few more test clients! If you're interested in being among the first to implement these powerful tracking options on your Shopify, WordPress, or WooCommerce site, please reach out to us at hello(at)

Following the rollout of these integrations, we have a set of GTM templates ready for those who enjoy leveraging Google Tag Manager. But we're always looking to improve and expand our offerings. Which platforms would you like to see connected next? We'd love to hear your suggestions!

Yours truly,
The Tracklution Team

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